Natural Patches

Case Study - Natural Patches UK

Bakewell, United Kingdom
Natural Patches Ltd
Multiple Projects

The Situation

Giles Hetherington has multiple businesses, one of which is Natural Patches Ltd. Each of his products was located in its own website and the company has quite a number of products for different customer requirements. These were sold using two channels, the web and telephone order taking.

The Issue

Considering the number of products, individual websites were becoming quite cumbersome to manage. Giles therefore needed a provider who could integrate all his products into a single website as well as manage online payments from a single ‘counter’.

The Solution

After understanding the issue at hand, we suggested the use of an open source content management system that could be converted into an effective e-commerce platform. The project was completed as per requirements and is now functional at

Client Testimonial

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I would once again like to thank the Insta Commerce team.

Giles Hetherington
Director - Giles Hetherington

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