John van Hese
Datatree Productions V.O.F.

An honest firm that makes for a very solid experience.
Lots of website builders are available on the web these days, and only an handful really excel in providing the user with a straightforward, easy-to-master product from signup to publishing. Instacommerce act precisely in a way that makes you feel comfortably intuitive right at the start. They are easy to communicate with by email and they respond within one hour or less. They have built 5 websites and web applications from scratch for us and all are running smooth and our customers are satisfied in using them And that was our goal! They make sure that you are given exactly what you need and they are very knowledgable in this field and often come up with good suggestions, and they make sure that your site is up and running with little efforts.

Khuzema, I thank you and your team for your support in developing our web projects, and your support until the last minor comments. I do not have any hesitation in using your services again and recommending to other comapnies.

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